Founded in 2014, the SoftICE lab is a research group at NTNU in Ålesund whose members are affiliated with the degree programmes in computingautomation and power systems, including the postgraduate master programme in simulation and visualisation. Our research interests are fueled by practical needs in local industry, in particular, the world-leading maritime industrial cluster which has it geographical heart just across the road from campus in the Norwegian Maritime Competence Center. The current main focus is on the use of software tools to improve design and engineering development processes. In particular, we work on projects based on modelling, simulation, and visualisation for the purpose of virtual prototyping, and the use of intelligent algorithms to optimise design parameters. More details about our work can be found in our publications or obtained by visiting one of our seminars.

In April 2018, the lab changed its name to Cyber-Physical Systems Lab and can be found here: