SoftICE blog

The SoftICE lab was formed during autumn 2014. Today is the start of our blog, which has been created adherring to the principle «don’t get it right, get it written». Over time we will provide glimpses of our research. Or so we hope.

A research lab with a fancy acronym (SoftICE) is an attempt to consolidate a group of people with largely overlapping research interests and activities. The team members span computing and automation, but we have a common interest of putting theory to practical use. The projects we are involved in are industrial.

SoftICE stands for Software and Intelligent Control Engineering. We can contribute expertise and methodology from disciplines like cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. In projects we work with domain experts from other engineering disciplines or even other areas of research.

A core interest is simulation and visualisation. We work with domain experts to develop models, and we can implement the models in software to create simulators.