SoftICE presenting pedagogical research at STEM-conference

SoftICE members Hans Georg Schaathun and Robin T. Bye together with first author Welie A. Schaathun will be presenting pedagogical research on “Active Learning Using Microcontrollers (Aktiv læring i Mikrokontrollarar)” at the Norwegian STEM conference in Bergen 18-19 March (MNT-konferansen 2015).

AAUC is also represented with other work, including “Development and Testing of Method to Avoid Quitting in Engineering Education (Utvikling og utprøving av metode for å hindre frafall i ingeniørutdanningene)” and “Student-Active Research in the Course Real-Time Computer Engineering (Studentaktiv forskning i emnet Sanntids datateknikk)“.

Abstract of our paper (in Norwegian only): Continue reading